Workwear lives on in the modern day man

Seasonal trends show themselves in the latest spring/summer drop, and workwear is one of the most prominent trends, not only in-store but amongst menswear today. What started off as just a fashion movement, has progressively become a way of life.
workwear fashion style menswear streetwear dickies brixton stance recreo bristol
 Barbers and tattoo artists with impressive beards, cafe's and shops kitted out with under-stated industrial style, and camping is considered 'cool'. Which is funny because I'm sure if we tried to explain this to our Grandad's, they'd laugh in our faces at the thought of hipster city-boys wandering around in their 'old' uniforms. Clothes they couldn't wait to get out of at the end of the day are what the modern man is happily putting on in the morning, just for image.
workwear fashion style menswear streetwear dickies recreo bristol
Chore coats, plaid and chambray shirts, heavy duty shorts and trousers, raw denim; Workwear is one of the main accents of streetwear, a carefree yet smart attitude to clothing. Carhartt is one of the main contributors to workwear fashion, as is Dickies, Deus Ex Machina, Brixton and Palladium; just a few of the brands you can find at recreo.
workwear fashion style menswear streetwear dickies recreo bristol
​SS17 shows a shift in brand identity for recreo; the new store brings a more refined collection of brands, styles, and colours to the recreo portfolio. A matured, minimal aesthetic which is clean and premium.

We've got lots of great spring/summer arrivals for you, so check out our latest collections online or in-store.

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